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Wedsytes Review

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Price Range:


Free Trial:

30 days

Hosting Time:

1-12 months

No of Pages Per Site:                 

8 pages

No of Templates:

9 templates  

No of Designs:

3 designs

Max Photo Upload:

unlimited photos

Average User Rating:

(3.9 stars)

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From Wedsytes

”Whether you choose a fully customized WedSyte or one of our beautiful templates, you and your fiance will enjoy visiting your WedSyte long after the wedding date has come and gone. Not only that, but friends, family, and wedding guests can visit the site to obtain important information such as gift registry info, and the ceremony and reception dates & times. Guests will also have fun reading the biographies of the bride and groom and looking through your online photo album. They will be able to send you a greeting through the guest book or online contact form. They can even RSVP to the wedding online! Your WedSyte will be keeping track of your guest count with real time, up-to-the-minute replies! With 24/7 access, you can make as many updates to your WedSyte as often as you like. You can keep renewing your Wedsyte for as long as you like too. Your WedSyte can be a whole lot of fun as well as a lifesaver when things get crazy! Also, consider gifting a WedSyte for a special couple as part of your shower or wedding gift.”

User Reviews

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Wonderful in EVERY way

Reviewed by Kelly Minter on May 5, 2010

”Wedsytes was the best choice we could have made for our wedding website. The template was so easy to use, and I could do all the updates myself. I changed pictures, added links for out-of-towners and even had room for all my special events like the bridal shower and rehearsal dinner. It was no work at all, but absolute pleasure to type in my stories and information, hit "submit" and the changes were made immediately. Any questions I had, Sue was able to answer and responded that day, if not immediately after I asked. She was fun and easy to work with and the experience was delightful. I sent it out to all of my guests in place of a "save the date" card which saved a lot of money too! Nothing but good things to say and am looking forward to my September 2010 wedding!”

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Reviewed by Rachel on December 31, 2007

”Talk about first impressions! The previous reviewer who commented on the outdated templates was right - the templates are basic and elementary to say the least. The graphical components are poorly chosen and not at all indicative of the involvment of a web or a design professional - let's face it, I'm not a professional and have done better websites and if I had the time I'd certainly do so again. What's worse, in my opinion, than the sad design work is the typographical errors and the broken links on the home page. This is definitely not someone with whom I'd trust such an important project. ”

Response from Wedsytes: This must have been posted by a competitor or in error as there are no broken links nor spelling errors.

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Outdated look

Reviewed by Karen on April 4, 2007

”So I read all these reviews before I clicked on the link to go to the site. I was expecting much more than what I saw. I feel bad giving a 1 cuz it sounds like this is a Mom and Pop shop (or just a Mom shop), but the designs that are offered are really outdated. They look like they were created when the web was brand new or like a page made in a high school web class or something. I don't know about the custom sites, but I saw the templates and decided to stay away. Just my opinion.”

Response from Wedsytes: Please look again; we added new and more contemporary designs to choose from! We plan to update our collection of templates often. Thank you for taking the time to review and we hope to provide you all with a wonderful experience.

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Reviewed by Jenn S. on March 2, 2007

”Wedsytes helped make our wedding just THAT much better! Everything was so easy; I could do updates myself - adding pictures, directions, little stories about my husband and me. I still refer people to go check out our Wedsyte; it's great for those who couldn't make it to the wedding to see pictures FROM the wedding! Because the site is so easy to maintain, I can update in just a few minutes. Sue was extremely professional - and so flexible with design. She had some great ideas but listened to us, too. I would HIGHLY recommend Wedsytes to anyone getting married. It makes managing your wedding planning easier - and a lot of fun!”

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Everything was perfect!!!!

Reviewed by Jason Bingel on January 23, 2007

”Picking Wedsytes for our wedding was the best choice we could have made. Sue was professional and completed the site in a timely manner. She gave us great customer service and always responded to any of our questions promptly. I would recommend Wedsytes to anyone interested! Thanks Sue for all of your help! Jason”

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Go to Wedsytes

Couldn't Have Asked For More!

Reviewed by Katherine Hill on January 17, 2007

”Wedsytes was a dream come true! It made everything about my wedding so easy, well organized, and FUN for not only me, but for my guests as well. I received so many compliments and thanks from my guests who were able to just go to my "Wedsyte" for directions, pictures, dates/times to ALL our events (even my bridal showers, stag/stagette parties, rehearsal dinner, and more!) and more helpful of all, my guests were able to RSVP online! The templates were great and I found one that went along with my wedding theme perfectly. Sue was so easy to work with. The whole experience was a pleasure, unlike so many other things that go along with planning a wedding. It was nice to have something to LOWER the stress rather than add to it! I would recommend Wedsytes to EVERY bride and groom.”

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Fabulous website and experience!

Reviewed by Elizabeth Osterwise on January 7, 2007

”Wedsytes is far and away the best option for a personalized website. I spent time reviewing/analyzing all of the vendors listed here and they are not in the same league as Wedsytes. I have gotten many, many compliments on my site. Sue was able to complete my site in record time(and over the holidays no less). She was incredibly responsive, getting back to emails within hours. She had great suggestions on how to make my website operate and look better for my guests. My website is so great that I fear the wedding itself may be a letdown ;). In an industry where everything is incredibly overpriced and there is very little consumer influence, working with Wedsytes was truly a breath of fresh air. ”

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