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Elegant Wedding Websites Review

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Price Range:


Free Trial:

10 days

Hosting Time:

12-24 months

No of Pages Per Site:                 

18 pages

No of Templates:

3 templates  

No of Designs:

605 designs

Max Photo Upload:

unlimited photos

Average User Rating:

(3.0 stars)

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From Elegant Wedding Websites

”Personal Wedding Websites are quickly becoming a wedding essential. It is the perfect way for engaged couples to communicate with family and friends as well as showcase plans for the big day. Elegant Wedding Websites is making it extremely easy and affordable for couples to set up a wedding website for their wedding.”

User Reviews

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Great design-too bad it is offline!

Reviewed by AAA on January 15, 2008

”I'm so glad that I took advantage of their 10 day trial! I liked the large amount of flower designs and it was very easy to use but the site has been down for three days now. I think they may have gone out of business or something. Too bad because I liked it! But I'm so glad that I hadn't given my credit card info yet! Lesson learned: Use those free trials!”

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Reviewed by jennifer on January 15, 2008

”I purchased our wedding website in June 2007. The website has been down for several days and there is absolutey no contact number! My wedding is in a few months and no one can access all the critical information needed to plan their trip. Is anyone else having this sort of problem? I called the number listed on my debt card and have gotten absolutely no where. Too bad.”

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Go to Elegant Wedding Websites

Gorgeous Templates

Reviewed by Nancy Jean on November 14, 2007

”There are a ton of templates to choose from and even if you don't like the colour that it comes in there are so many more colour combinations that you can choose from. I'm getting married in 3 weeks and found this to be an excellent way to communicate with my guests and a lot of people have commented on our site. Quite a few people even thought we made the site by ourselves! I have no web design experience what so ever but Elegant Wedding Websites made it really easy to create something that looked amazing but more importantly, unique. The bridal party even liked that they were included because this site offers a display page just for them too! This company lists their price as $89 but I've noticed that they always have a coupon code for $20 off so in my opinion this is the best value for your money that is out there and trust me I looked FOREVER!”

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Okay sites

Reviewed by Adrie on July 5, 2007

”If you like floral designs and plants they have okay sites. Not a lot of "wedding" designs. Overall I found the sites to be functional and have most of the standard offerings.”

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Lots of Choices!

Reviewed by Jessica on January 11, 2007

”My fiance and I signed up with Elegant Wedding Websites about 6 months ago and we purchased a 1 year package for just $69. This included our own domain name and email as well. It was really easy to use and we made our site in just one day. We often to go in and make updates and we've gotten lots of compliments from our friends and family. We're getting married in 2 months and when we get back from our honeymoon we're going to post all of our wedding pics. Elegant Wedding Websites lets us post as many pictures as we want... there's no limit! I really recommend this site if you are looking to create your own wedding website, the customer service was really easy and friendly too.”

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