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WedShare Review

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Price Range:


Free Trial:

14 days

Hosting Time:

1-48 months

No of Pages Per Site:                 

unlimited pages

No of Templates:

unlimited templates  

No of Designs:

179 designs

Max Photo Upload:

unlimited photos

Average User Rating:

(4.4 stars)

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From WedShare

”As featured in Brides Magazine 2009 "Anatomy of a Wedding Website", InStyle Weddings Magazine 2008 "World Wide Wed", The Knot Magazine 2008 "To Have & To Click", Newsweek Magazine 2008 "I Now Pronounce You... Online".

WedShare.com Offers the Most Complete Package:
- FREE Domain Name (www.yournames.com)
- FREE Emails (you@yournames.com)
- FREE 480-Page Wedding eBook
- FREE 14-Day Trial
- FREE Planning Tools
- Create Your Own Custom Design Color Schemes
- Upload Your Own Design Photos & Embellishments
- Monetary Gift Registry
- Powerful Online Photo Editor
- Advanced Text Designer
- UNLIMITED Web Pages, Entries & Content
- UNLIMITED Albums & Photos
- UNLIMITED Video & Audio Clips
- UNLIMITED Blogs with RSS Feeds
- UNLIMITED Events & Online RSVPs
- UNLIMITED eStationery: Save-the-Date, Invitations, Thank You eCards
- UNLIMITED Customer Support”

User Reviews

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Great Wedding Website!

Reviewed by Nic and Katie on January 14, 2009

”We started our search for a wedding website looking for a design that would fit with our wedding colors/theme. We are convinced that we ended up finding the best wedding website available in wedshare.com. There were so many templates available and everything was very easy to use. I don't know how we would have kept our guest list and RSVPs so organized without it. We had so many compliments from friends and family and never had a single issue. If we had to do it all over again we'd definitely use wedshare.com! ”

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Site always down - so frustrating....

Reviewed by Ashley on August 13, 2008

”I am right smack in the middle of the most crucial time for my site to be up (about 2 1/2 weeks from our big day) and the site is CONSTANTLY down. SOOOoooo frustrating. All of our guests keep calling to tell us that they couldn't RSVP online - wasn't that the whole purpose of me spending hours and hours setting up all my guests profiles (so that I wouldn't have to get a million phone calls/emails, etc...from my guests)?? On top of that - you absolutely CANNOT get a hold of these people. The girl who commented above that it was a "blackhole" is absolutely dead on. They refuse to be available via telephone and take forever to respond via email (and when they do their customer service kind of sucks). I'm really let down for how much money I paid - for almost $100 the site should not be down every other day and there should be a phone number available for some type of decent customer service.”

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Website is often down!

Reviewed by ShULA BERNSTINE on August 5, 2008

”I was very excited when I found this website and the previous reviews lead me to purchase it for my daughter and fiance. The overall presentation and ease of use is fantastic. The cost is very reasonable. I was let down with regards to access. Too many times I needed to go on line for guest labels, and to respond to emails, etc but the site was down. It is extremely difficult to get in touch with the online support, and the answers were not speedy or helpful. As I am writing this review the site is again not available. I am getting worried as the invitations need to be in the mail by this weekend and I have not been able to pull my guest list. ”

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So close...and yet so far

Reviewed by Todd Wesley on July 23, 2008

”The website creation went smoothly. The advertised features worked well and we encountered few problems all the way through our wedding day. The real problems began as we attempted to purchase the advertised keepsake CD and transfer the domain to a new hosting service. Their website does not provide any mechanism through which to purchase said CD. Simply astounding. Their "customer support" is a 24/7 black hole. They never responded to questions - certainly not inside the stated 24 hours. I have yet to hear back on a single issue. The only option is to email questions to their support address with no possible way to speak to a customer representative. After successfully hunting down a phone number through our website registration information I was rewarded with a recorded voice message. My questions fell into yet another black hole (the voice mail system).”

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Pretty good site

Reviewed by hoomanity on December 31, 2007

”They let you customize a lot, but not everything -- for instance the photo that appears on every page. The online RSVP is pretty basic (all it does is send you an email), but unlike other sites it actually works. Overall probably the best out there. But an even better service could be constructed.”

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Incredible Site!!!!!

Reviewed by tanisha on November 30, 2007

”I initially started my wedding website with another site and was happy for a few months until I started having problems with the site coming up. I couldn't access the account with my log in nor with the website address. I could never speak with anyone nor get an accurate response via email...I was always told that something was wrong with my browser even though I had friends try to pull up the website also. One day, I was browsing the web for other sites and stumbled upon this website. After reading the reviews for wedshare and looking on their site...I KNEW this was the site for us. I couldn't be happier with wedshare. Once I have finished my site...I am going to put it on the save the date magnets I'm sending out. Wedshare has everything plus more that is needed to have an OUTSTANDING OR SIMPLE wedding website. I would recommend them to anyone I know getting married or thinking of getting married. Besides all the features...it's so much easier than some other sites, even though I know HTML, I don't have to use it and that is so CONVENIENT. I hope this review was helpful.”

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Not perfect but better than the competition

Reviewed by zbandicoot on November 5, 2007

”WedShare's designs are nice, their customer service is very responsive, and their page designs have almost everything I need. I recommend this hosting service to anyone who's dealing with RSVPs for multiple events - I tried 2 others before going with WedShare (and searched through many more sites as well) and WedShare was the easiest to use and most flexible. My site turned out great, and I love it! My 2 complaints are 1) that pictures get fuzzy if you re-size them, and 2) the only options guests can select when they're RSVPing for an event are always called Meal Choices. So when I want my guests to pick what type of room they want at the hotel, they tell me how many "plates" they want of king rooms, queen rooms, etc. I hope they change that, but it's not a big deal and I'm completely happy with the service. Oh yeah, and the personal domain name is cool :-)”

Response from WedShare: Thanks for the review! Photos don't get fuzzy from resizing, but the optional polaroid effect may cause them to be less sharp due to the warping and tilting involved (part of the effect). For guest info, try the unlimited profile fields.

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Wedshare is unbeatable, 5 HUGE STARS!!!

Reviewed by erika sinclair on October 15, 2007

”I have been a trial member with WedShare for roughly a week. I feel like I have probably sent their support team more questions and solicitations for help than any other member so far! But the staff in the customer service department is always so helpful, so friendly, so thorough. They are incredibly efficient in responding and get right to the heart of whatever problems I have with my site, no matter how large or small, and no matter how complex or simple. And every time I get a response from them (and I ALWAYS get a response), it sounds like it comes from a real person instead of an automated machine that responds to key words in my question. Even the largest corporations don't give that kind of online support. I SO appreciate all the help I have received from them. I am not at all familiar with HTML, but their tools and templates make everything as easy as kindergarden math. With every question answered I feel more empowered to turn my website into EXACTLY what I want it to be. And though I have only shared the trial site with a few people so far, they are all really impressed with the work in progress. One friend even said that he has seen lots of wedding sites, but mine is the most unique and the first one that he has actually wanted to explore! It's really thanks to the folks at Wedshare. I definitely plan to purchase my site at the end of this trial period.”

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Fun and Easy to use!

Reviewed by Becky on September 11, 2007

”We love Wedshare.com! Their tools are easy to use and their designs for their theme pages are great and unique! We now use the site as a journal for our daughter and Grandparents just love it!”

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Most features and Fabulous designs

Reviewed by khathi on September 4, 2007

”There are just so many planning tools and design options available here then all of the other websites. I'm having such a fun times creating my own pages instead of being stuck with designated preset, which is a really big plus! The designs are pretty/unique and the tools make the planning process alot more organized (ie. less stress)....totally love it!!”

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Awesome way to keep in touch!

Reviewed by Peter on August 13, 2007

”Getting our wedshare wedding website was one of the easiest decisions we have made. It has enabled us to keep in touch with our guests coming in from out of state as well as out of country. In fact, my aunt in Canada is more up-to-date with our wedding plans than my own mom! Great job!”

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This was our best wedding idea!

Reviewed by Alfred on August 6, 2007

”We definatly wanted a web presence for our wedding as a central means which our guests could view, communicate and learn about the bride, groom and wedding party. We decided to go with wedshare.com. We simply loved it! We got so many compliments on how nice our website was and the customizations really allowed us to create a unique wedding presence on the web. It was not a cookie cutter website, it allowed for us to create something that truly represented us. Even the support was excellent. I had an issue that turned out to be a problem on my end, but the support was able to help me during off hours identify the issue and ultimately resolve within a few minutes. Simply amazing! Even the largest service companies in the world have trouble providing that type of support. 5 stars for wedshare.com. We continue to be a customer and have taken the website from a wedding theme to our permanent general family presence on the web. Truley Awesome”

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...not again!

Reviewed by GI on June 26, 2007

”I switched to this site from weddingtracker.com because they were having many issues with the websites and all of my information was erased. I switched to wedshare today because it was recommended by "e-plan your wedding" (a book I just bought) but I'm having some of the same problems I had with weddingtracker. Eventhough I get a message saying that my info has been saved when I try to edit again my info is gone. The site has great features but I'm getting so annoyed! I hope this is resolved.”

Response from WedShare: Sounds like an instance of cut-and-paste from another website, which occasionally brings over junk code. It's an easy fix; we advise members with technical issues like this to simply send a quick message to our support. We can help resolve them right away

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Incredible Service!!!

Reviewed by Niral on June 1, 2007

”Wedshare you guys have been incredible. Not only did you have a design that related to my culture you worked with me so that I could have a color scheme to match the colors I wanted. Indian weddings are very colorful and I sent Wedshare proofs of some cards and they created the green, turquoise, and pink cultural south Asian design. It looks amazing and my friends and family are amazed. Thank you Wedshare for making one more detail in my wedding beautiful! This is truly the way to go for a personalized website!”

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The Most Personalized Wedding Websites!

Reviewed by Jean on May 24, 2007

”WedShare.com is the best choice for our wedding website because of its many easy-to-use features and its unique website designs. We were sold on WedShare.com after seeing their multiple cultural designs. We were absolutely thrilled to find a wedding website with a South Asian theme for our upcoming Indian wedding. The colors and templates are bold, classy, and modern, while still celebrating tradition. The features and templates are simple to use, and your website still feels very personal. Another aspect that is fantastic about WedShare.com is that if you do have some HTML experience, you can write some of your own code in the textboxes which customizes your site even more! I love updating our website, and it's very simple to change the theme and colors of our site with just one click. WedShare.com is powerful with all of its features, yet still very simple to use. After seeing our website, two other couples that we know also created WedShare.com wedding websites! We would recommend WedShare.com to any couple, and we continue to receive compliments on our website every day. Thanks for everything WedShare!”

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Best features and easy to use

Reviewed by Ernie on November 30, 2006

”I started researching which wedding website to use around September 2006 and after comparing a lot of the options listed, decided to start a trial with two companies: Wedding Window and WedShare. I had two friends who had used Wedding Window, and I thought their sites looked great. However, when I looked at the features of WedShare, I thought that it would end up being more useful. The main thing that impressed me about WedShare was the guest and event management tools. They recently revamped both and they are now very well integrated and impressive. Guests update their own contact information which will make mailing out invitations so much easier. In terms of event management, when you enter in your guests to the system, only these people can RSVP. You can choose which guests see which invitations – so if you have a rehearsal dinner or brunch with a separate list on invitees, this is all taken care of for you. On top of that, as another reviewer noted, you can limit the number of reserved seats. I also really appreciated the privacy options. There are different levels, and we chose to restrict our entire site with a password that we included with our save-the-date e-mail. Also, when guests RSVP, they must retrieve a password to edit their contact info and RSVP status. (WedShare will auto-generate a password, but you can also create unique ones for your friends – which was fun to do with inside jokes I have with several of them!) To be honest though, the biggest reason I chose WedShare over Wedding Window was ease of use. Even how you order the pages of your website was so much easier to do. I can’t say if there have been changes made since I first researched, but WedShare had the clear edge for me. Last, the customer service has been very good. They are quick to respond to e-mails and even took in many of my suggestions for changes. I do think the company continues to make improvements and there are small quips I have with how the site works like formatting text or parts of the event manager. But these are minor complaints to having creating a website that we are proud of and continue to get a lot of compliments for from our friends. I think it’s the best overall choice out there. Best of luck to you with all your wedding planning!”

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Easy interface, great customization and beautfiul

Reviewed by Sabrina on November 14, 2006

”I initially used Wedshare to minimize the hundreds of extra dollars that I would have had to spend on invitation RSVP cards, maps etc. The cost of the website was tiny compared to just the extra postage on the printed invitation. Plus the hassle of having to track this all by hand was too much. So I got Wedshare and ended up with a great website to post photos from our travels to Africa, started an informal blog and communicated to my guests on our travel plans for our destination wedding. I'm hooked. I might just end up keeping this website and use it beyond our wedding. I don't know how they pack in all of the features but still keep it easy to use. Pros -beautiful designs from Chinese, to Hawaiian to Vegas. No cheesey clip art. - easy to use templates that are fully customizable. No need to know html or any other coding - helpful responsive customer service - Online RSVP and Address Book updating save time - tons of features I never even had the chance to use: online quizes, guest book, customized email account, save the date cards... - You can actually track hits on your website too. Cons - I can spend inordinate amounts of time just updating my website... just because I can - Multimedia gallery is great, but you have to upload each photo in batches of 5... This website saved me tons of money and headache. I recommend it to anyone.”

Was this review helpful to you? YesNo  (report this review)

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The only way to go!!

Reviewed by Melissa Holderman on April 12, 2006

”I did a lot of research about wedding websites before choosing Wedshare.com. In fact, I signed up for the trial runs with three other companies before deciding. This was the only website that offered what I needed, or that would at least allow me to use my own ideas and create pages that maybe they hadn’t thought of before. Two huge selling points for me… 1. The online RSVP. We wanted to save money by doing RSVP’s online. Wedshare allowed me to put in the names of the guests AND choose a maximum number of seats reserved for each guest. This was a big a deal for us since we were trying to do this wedding on a small budget and couldn’t allow our single friends to bring random dates. The other websites didn’t allow for me to be in control of the RSVP. They gave the guest more say than the bride. A big strike for any women planning her wedding! Number 2; I was able to create an online journal where I can record some of the exciting things we’ve been doing during the planning process. This was a must for me! The thing that sealed the deal, was the customer service. During my trial with Wedshare.com I would email customer service regarding anything I was having difficulty with and they would email me back, usually within the hour, with the solution to whatever I was dealing with. The customer service is fast, friendly and extremely efficient. Everything a stressed out bride needs!!! I have already referred Wedshare.com to all of my single and soon-to-be married girlfriends. In fact, one friend already signed up for her own website through Wedshare.com. She agrees… they are amazing! ”

Was this review helpful to you? YesNo  (report this review)

Helpful team, great designs!

Reviewed by Karishma on November 9, 2005

”Wedshare.com has a great team that helped me design a website that was unique to our culture. The team was very helpful and designed a website that was exactly how I wanted to be portrayed. The tools available are exactly what we need and it was the only site that provided so many options for so little money. I love the RSVP online feature and everything is so easy to use.”

Was this review helpful to you? YesNo  (report this review)

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